Church Recorders are NADFAS volunteers, recording the contents of our churches, promoting the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage found in all places of worship, and already more than 1850 have been recorded across the country. The history of items, which are described in detail, is researched and from this a book is compiled, complete with photographs and drawings, Copies of this book are sent to the V & A, the English Heritage Record at Swindon, the Worcester Diocesan Record Office at the Hive, the Cathedrals and Church Buildings Library at Church House, and of course given to the church.

In addition Days of Special Interest are organised by the West Mercia Area Church Recorders, most recently lectures on Iconography. The Arts Society Church Recorders have already recorded 20 churches. The record of St Augustine, Dodderhill was presented on Ascension Day 2016.

St. Philip and St. James, Whittington has been presented (click here to see the presentation) and recording has been completed  at St. Mary, Hanbury and is now being complied. A Plenary Session was held at the Church when specialists were able to tell the rest of the team about special things which they had discovered during their time spent recording. (Click here to view photographs.)

Members and friends are welcome to join the enthusiastic and committed group on alternate Monday mornings from 10.00.a.m. until noon, and Keith Bridges would be delighted to hear from any who are interested.